Tshebetsong Foundation

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Environmental Protection


Heritage Culture and History

Poverty Alleviation Agricultural Project

Organise lectures, talks, workshops and campaigns that focuses on being a South African to entrench patriotism, such as a lecture on constitution of South Africa.

Draw times lines showing origins and historical position of townships and towns

Development of a Grade R - 12 themed children's Park

Organise communities to contribute towards writing of the laws of the country.

Codify heritage of townships using sports, traditional and cultural events.

Clean Streets Project

Celebrate National Days and events.

Capture and record History of the Townships through engagement with the elderly

Water and Energy Preservation Campaigns

Organise campaigns on issues that improves the lives of a South Africa such Road Safety

Establish galleries depicting the history, culture and heritage of townships.

Publish a book on trees found in a specific area or locality

Work with partners like IEC to encourage voting and avoidance of voter apathy.

Print and publish books, videos and photobooks detailing the history, heritage and culture of the townships.

Establishment of green spaces such as leisure parks, trim parks, and Botanical Gardens.

Work with government departments and institutions to bring their programmes to grassroots level

Support alternative energy sources that reduces greenhouse gases

Partner with other NGO’s on programmes of mutual agreement.